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March 2016
Ansynth celebrates their 25th anniversary with a discount for Universities!

Ansynth Service was founded in 1991 and since then we performed our analysis for amino acids for Feed, Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. During these years we’ve developed our private owned laboratory to an independent and highly specialized analysis company with a strong relationship with customers all over the world. The state of the art analysis are an outstanding support in terms of Quality Control as well as in Research and Development. During this 25 years we have built up a relationship with several customers all over the world. Our quality and Service with a capital S is appreciated in this line of business.

During this anniversary we would like to make a gesture to all the Universities, by giving a substantial discount in project analysis for scientific research and development. See it as our tribute to the science and the several scientific studies of the Universities.

Please contact us to discuss the details for his special offer!

February 2015
Ansynth is now able to analyse pyroglutamic acid (oxo-proline). Please inquire for possibilities.

December 2014
After significant research and testing, the indole analysis package has been increased and Ansynth is now able to analyse up to 17 instead of 11 different compounds. Please inquire for possibilities.

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