Specialist in Amino Acid Analysis

The laboratory of Ansynth Service B.V. is based in Breda, Netherlands. Ansynth is the specialist in the field of amino acid analyzes in food, feed and pharma. Ansynth is active in this field of analysis since 1991 and is 100% independent. In July 2019 Ansynth is acquired by MLZ Holding B.V. and became a sister company of Qlip B.V – Quality Assurance in Dairy.

Our customers are active in health care, the feed or food industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Our services are used for the purpose of quality control, clinical metabolic diagnostics and research.

The analysis results from Ansynth give our customers active in the feed and food industry insight into the nutritional value of protein in their products. Through our specific expertise and years of experience, customers are served at home and abroad. The laboratory of Ansynth Service B.V. is since 2010 recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and was since 1995 GMP certified. Unfortunately due to a change in Dutch law since 2017 we are no longer considered to be a GMP manufacturer. Ansynth remains adhering to GMP guidelines, but is no longer inspected nor awarded a GMP certificate by Dutch authorities, who are leaving it entirely up to our customers to assess whether Ansynth can be added to their list  of appoved suppliers.

Our team consists of highly trained and customer-oriented professionals and is committed to the reliable execution of amino acid analyzes.


On Januari 25th, 2017 Ansynth was inspected by the Dutch Health Authorities (IGJ) and was found to be GMP compliant. The relevant inspection report can be found here. However, as we have not been analyzing drug products that are sold within the EU, Ansynth is no longer considered to be an ALAB or a manufacturer. As a consequence we were not rewarded a renewed GMP certificate and IGJ is leaving it entirely up to our sponsors to assess whether Ansynth can be designated as an approved supplier. Nevertheless Ansynth was and remains committed to adhere to the EU GMP guidelines.