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3 November 2021

Fermentation is one of the techniques in the protein transition trend

Fermentation of plant proteins is currently being widely explored as a solution for the future. The fermentation technique is very old, such as in alcoholic drinks and dairy products. As an example, the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands has started a project on how fungi and bacteria can influence the digestibility, structure, taste and amino acid composition in vegetable raw materials.

Vegetable raw materials often contain a lot of protein, but not all that protein is easily digestible for humans. The amino acid composition of plants is also often not optimal, as is the case with meat. For example, some bacterial species can make essential amino acids that are not found in plant foods. The research will last 6 years and after the research has been completed, the industry can use the acquired knowledge to develop new products. Ansynth has a broad experience in the support of these kind of research programs in analyzing the amino acid profiles in different matrices.

*Source: Food Agri Business