Customer Services

Order analysis

An overview of the portfolio of our analysis can be find in the Itemlist. Orders can be requested through the use of one of our Order forms, to be found in the Downloads section below.

Sample shipments

Announcement of incoming samples is not necessary but if you like, you can notify us, prior to sending in samples.

General precautions:

  • Pack the samples carefully to avoid losses, mixing of samples or fluid leakages.
  • Make sure that covers of tubes are well closed.
  • Name the samples carefully and readable.
  • Cool the samples if necessary with ice or dry ice.
  • Enclose our order form or your sample letter that clearly states the analysis details.


Analysis results will be presented by means of a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Where applicable the CoA will be in a format and layout that meet your requirements.

CoAs are delivered via e-mail as digitally signed PDF-files. If so required they are also sent as hardcopy through  regular postal services. Additionally, results can also be delivered in Excel-format.

We stand for full confidentiality and we will never share information of any kind to or about other companies and clients. Ansynth Service B.V. is a 100% independent company.


Your questions are welcome. Please contact us directly.