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Order analysis

Qlip has a web-based system for sample registration and processing of results called Q-portal. For you as a customer, we have developed a program which you can use to register your samples and associated tests online. You can then follow the sample through tracking and tracing. Once an analysis has been carried out, you can see the results immediately. When all of the analyses have been completed, you will receive a test report showing all results for the order in question.

If you do not have access to Q-portal yet, you have to register for a Q-portal account by clicking the button below. A few days after your application, you will receive your account details. You will also receive the barcodes by mail, which you can use to identify your samples and to register them in Q-portal. In the future, you can request extra barcodes yourself via the portal.

To be able to receive and process your samples in good order, we have listed a few things in the document: Information on submitting samples.

Submission of samples

The sample reception is open to receive samples every weekday from 8:00h to
17:00h. Samples can be sent to the address below.

Qlip B.V.
Sample reception QCMlab / Ansynth
Oostzeestraat 2a
7202 CM Zutphen, the Netherlands


Your questions are welcome. Please contact us directly.